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Many people are familiar with living in a trailer home or living in a trailer park. This has been a common thread for the past several decades of what its like to live in fairly affordable housing in a trailer park. But the look of trailers and the look of tiny house living is changing forever. The new trends are much more fashionable, and much more up to date, and also much more mobile, and easier to relocate to new places when ever you would like to have a change of scenery. The old-style trailer park is not going away any time soon, but the trend of tiny house living is definitely on its way.

Housing costs are a major expense for people trying to move out on their own. City housing has had a reputation for being overpriced and extremely small. So many people of all ages are deciding to take small living to the countryside.

Whether it’s a college grad looking for a place to stay near the job market or a single person looking for independence or empty nest people looking to down size or a new family struggling to get financially established and secure, the option of a tiny house is very attractive.


Once the investment is made to purchase a tiny home, finding a location has never been easier. Many tiny homlings find a space in a rental lot as their favorite new fraction of an acre. This enables many to save the money to purchase land they could never have dream of in traditional rental trajectory.

However, the trends show that being mobile is the lifestyle that many savvy people need or want due to wander lust or pursuing job opportunities or financial freedom or many other reasons.

This chart from the website shows how the popularity of tiny homes is ever increasing in area with the highest rental costs.


This trend is spreading throughout the country. The affordability and flexibility is a major advantage in modern people’s perceptions of how to weathering financial instability in the job market or the overall economic conditions that often hinder wealth and wellbeing.


CNBC made a shocking proclamation when it had reported that,

“For $26,000, you can buy a home on Amazon” – Catherine Clifford CNBC Aug. 2019

That article reported,

“One reason people turn to the tiny home life is to be more environmentally responsible, says Ryan Mitchell, the managing editor and owner of The Tiny Life, an informational website about living in small homes. Mitchell, himself, lives in 150-square-foot house that he built by himself in 2012. Small homes are more ‘green’ than their larger neighbors because they use less material to build and require fewer resources to power and maintain.”

The article goes on to say that reducing stress and financial overhead are major factors in driving this trend in housing.

Sales of tiny houses continue to grow and zoning laws are trying to keep up. Be sure to check on the laws and regulations of the possible site when looking for a location for your tiny house.



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